Sunday, August 03, 2008

Dog Days

The "dog days' of summer are finally here. After having 1 years worth of rain in six months it is nice to have some dry weather and some heat. Now we have had our fill of both and they can leave.

I have spent May, June and July mostly doing my favorite things. Having some of my children around, having time with my grandson, watching the deer and other wildlife "sneak" into the yard for their favorite snacks. I have also done some of those things that I did not like mostly dealing with the state and federal government but that is over, so now I am back doing what I enjoy.

I have learned many things since January 1 of 08 and expect to learn many more before January 1st of 09. I already knew that there is a price for raising independent free thinking children and I would gladly pay that price again because I love to hear their tales of life and see them happy doing what they do.

So here is to the second half of 2008. May it be as fulfilling as the past.