Thursday, January 08, 2009

Forever Awake

Have you ever felt like you can just keep going even though you know it is almost time for bed. Your body has started to wind down but the mind is just not ready to relax. If you have then you know of what I speak, if not I'm sorry. It is a wonderful feeling to think you can just go on and on. Finishing one project after another never looking at the clock or worrying about time. Just flying through work. Deadlines falling by the wayside with abandonment.

I have been there just not right now. It is only 9:15PM and I want to go crawl in bed and sleep for 36 hours. Deadlines loom like ogres out of Grimm's fairy tales. The troll is standing on the bridge demanding the work be done and all I can think of is a warm, cozy bed.

The troll is going to have to wait, as are the ogres. For me it is off to the "Land of Nod" to ride in that wooden shoe. To all a good night.