Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall has come and we welcome the newest member to the family. He is the most adorable. After along hiatus I must return to work a week from Monday. I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand I look forward to the money and on the other I want to spend more of energy toward my own business and my family. Ah! Life is full of dilemmas. I swing from one side to the other. I do know one thing. Life will continue no matter which choice I make and I can always change my mind. For the next week I am going to just enjpy my life as it is. I do love fall.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Summer is gone

Summer is gone and fall is here. Oh, yes glorious fall. The air feels crisp and the sun still has warmth. I finally have a diagnoses to my condition. I have Migraine Equivalent Menieres. The new meds are working and unfortunately my 3 1/2 month sabbatical is over at the end of October I must return to work. Hopefully not for long.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Time Flies

Time flies after you live it. April, May and June were all taken up by work and overtime. My work is a job that I neither enjoy nor look foward to participating in. I like the people whom I work with but the actual work is just there to pay the bills. You see I have an addiction. I love my house and I love food. So to keep food in my "ample" belly and this lovely roof over my head I work.

I would much rather be doing other things. There is a slavery in knowing that while I am working I must cater to the whims of my malady of Meniere's so that I can go to work every day. Conversely there is a wonderful freedom in know that for at least the next two weeks if I have a wonderful period of time where if a spell of dizziness hit I can just wait for it to pass and then go on. An episode will not adversely affect my employer because I am on vacation. What glorious freedom that is.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Okay, I have decided to try a new enterprise to see if I can make some more money. Ultimate goals, pay off my house and loan and invest enough money so that when (if) my meniere's progresses to a point I can't work I will be able to be comfortable in my retirement. Initial investment is low now to spend the time to build the business.

I do love spring, 30 today and 70 tomorrow. Green is everywhere.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Spring is here. The dogwoods, redbuds and tulips are in bloom. The grass needs to be mowed and green is now a primary color. It is a beautiful site. Different medications make the spinning world spin a little less often. We will see what tomorrow brings. Tried a new new couscous recipe that has potential but needs some work. Will publish when I think it is ready.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Run For Your Lives

Run for your life. It is an epidemic. What is all the fuss about? Meniere's disease that's what. Is it an epidemic, no it is just a vestibular problem with possibly 10 different sources ( and maybe more) and I have it. Life is what you make it and it doesn't end with dizzy spells or nausea. You go on. My Meniere's right now is under some control as long as I am very, very good about diet and medication. So welcome to 2007 and enjoy the good times every day because you never know when your world will start to spin out of control.