Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Days

Have you ever just given in to that sudden urge to do nothing? Try as I might nothing is winning. Now it is not that I do not have things to do. The floors need to swept and mopped, the windows need to washed as does the siding, the dishes need done, the laundry needs to folded and put away, dogs need to be walked and so it goes. Today I want none of being responsible & mature. Today I want to write like e.e.cummings, color as I did in first grade, marvel at nothing and stand in awe of everything. Isn't that summer days. Responsible may win out in the end but right now summer is on my mind.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I Really Shouldn't

This is going to be a very short post. Why? Because it is already late and I really need to get some sleep before my MD gets worst. That's why, but here I sit. No I am not watching television, nor am I reading an engrossing book. Then why don't I go to bed, you may ask. Well I have an addiction. It sometimes becomes my master until I can no longer hold my head up and have to admit my shame. I am addicted to recipes. You can laugh now but give me a computer and late night and I can find some of the most delicious recipes that ever appeared in cyberspace. Lemon tart, chicken dim sum,pepper poppers with bacon. I could go on but I really must snatch back what little self control I have remaining and go to bed. So off to the Land of Nod I go and bid a reluctant adieu to all those wonderfully tempting recipes that I know await me.