Thursday, July 02, 2009

I Really Shouldn't

This is going to be a very short post. Why? Because it is already late and I really need to get some sleep before my MD gets worst. That's why, but here I sit. No I am not watching television, nor am I reading an engrossing book. Then why don't I go to bed, you may ask. Well I have an addiction. It sometimes becomes my master until I can no longer hold my head up and have to admit my shame. I am addicted to recipes. You can laugh now but give me a computer and late night and I can find some of the most delicious recipes that ever appeared in cyberspace. Lemon tart, chicken dim sum,pepper poppers with bacon. I could go on but I really must snatch back what little self control I have remaining and go to bed. So off to the Land of Nod I go and bid a reluctant adieu to all those wonderfully tempting recipes that I know await me.