Monday, August 29, 2011

Velvet Night

Years ago there was a man by the name of Hank Ketcham who had a great talent. Not only could he draw a cartoon strip but he could also think like a 5 year old boy.

One of my favorite cartoon strips of all time go as follows:

Dennis the Menace sit up in his bed in his darkened room wide awake.
He tip toes down the hall to his parents room and they are asleep.
So he tip toes out of their room and down the stairs.
He promptly opens the front door and walks down the sidewalk.
After a short stroll he says, "There is nothing like a night that feels like velvet."

And tonight the night feels like velvet.

Breathe of Fall

Did you feel it?

It was fleeting like the shadow from the corner of your eye. By the time the feeling is recognized it is gone. Leaving only the feeling of loss and the yearning for more.

It is the tinge of autumn that rides the early morning breeze. Welcomed after the blazing of summer heat. It is the promise of tomorrow that leads us forward into more summer's blazing, knowing that soon enough the weather will cool & the days will shorten.

It is a Monday

You know it is Monday when:
1. You sleep for 1 hour and are awake four.
2. If there is something to trip over, you trip over it. (including your own feet)
3. The dogs & cat act like they never learned any manners.
4. All the things you planned on doing are now put off till manana.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Yes, it is morning. Ugh!!! Usually I am a morning person but today (well actually last night or maybe the wee hours of the morning) I had to take some meds. I am now paying for it. So much to do today. Right now all I want is to curl up and sleep.

To top everything off it is going to be another day above 90 degrees again today. I have stopped counting but it has been a long, hot summer. I want & need some cool weather.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Quest

Since I seem to be unable to get anything in my house to become organized, cleaned or otherwise presentable. Also every knit project I start I seem to get it partially done and then decide that the challenge is gone from that project so it holds no interest for me.

I have set myself a quest. My quest is to find all the information that I can find about left handed knitting. Most articles & books seem to stop at "this is how you knit and this is how you purl". No I have been knitting about 20 odd years and don't claim to know much about knitting but everything I have read about left handed knitting answers few of my growing list of question.

So the quest begins. I will let you know how it goes.


Argh! I have accomplished nothing constructive today. It is almost 9PM and my quandary from today will be the the same quandary that I have everyday. I start to feel light headed. I know that I must either stop what I am doing and rest or my world will spin out of control. One way or another I will accomplish nothing. Oh well! At least I have a challenge to face tomorrow. Night to all!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


So Mia went to her new home on Saturday. Yeah! I think it is a great fit.

2 nights without the heating pad & muscle pills, Yeah!

It is still hot out but it feels like fall is just around the corner. All the schools are back in session. Yeah!

I need to shampoo my throw rug, restack the wood on the porch, mow the yard one more time, buckle down & get a Christmas present I started done, move a bed upstairs & reorganize my workroom. Then after all the doctor visit next month start compiling Christmas presents so they can get mailed out before Thanksgiving. Ahhhh!

I love fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Busy or Buzy

Busy or Buzy, which ever way you say it this summer has been crazy. As summer closes it is time to update.

Mia will hopefully go to her new home this week. 8 homes in 4 years has been her life. I am praying that the 8th will be her forever home. Her new mom is the perfect person. She loves these giants and is making preparations to welcome Mia to her new home.

My son pounded posts and helped me put panels up for the new dog yard. Thanks Josh. While his wonderful and sweet wife bought us all lunch. So the Dynamic Duo have a new place to run and play that is outside.

My back needs winter to come so that I stoop working it so hard. It has been protesting since Saturday

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Blog Change

I am changing the scope & perspective of this blog. From this day forth it is becoming someone else's story. I believe that every life force in this universe we call home has a purpose. Now this may a strange statement that seems to be at odds with the fact that I am a born-again Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is God & my Lord and Savior. It is only through Him that I may enter heaven.

Before some of you start screaming that I am a heretic, (audio, vide, percipio), listen, see & learn.

We each have an essence. Everything living thing has an essence. That essence, the real, permanent, individual & ultimate nature of a thing (from Webster's Dictionary). This is how we tell a tree from grass, a fish from a snake, etc.

We as people each have our own essence. Since we are the ultimate life force created by God, we have certain responsibilities. We are responsible for our own choices. A tree never has choices, as an example.

Since we have choices we have responsibilities for the things we choose to do. Doing nothing in a situation is a choice. We are responsible for our actions and how they impact the rest of the living forces around us.

So enough of my philosophy. This blog is about I choose to impact other life forces. These life forces are named Chewbacca, Loki, Daffy & Mia. This will chronicle their lives.