Monday, July 02, 2007

Time Flies

Time flies after you live it. April, May and June were all taken up by work and overtime. My work is a job that I neither enjoy nor look foward to participating in. I like the people whom I work with but the actual work is just there to pay the bills. You see I have an addiction. I love my house and I love food. So to keep food in my "ample" belly and this lovely roof over my head I work.

I would much rather be doing other things. There is a slavery in knowing that while I am working I must cater to the whims of my malady of Meniere's so that I can go to work every day. Conversely there is a wonderful freedom in know that for at least the next two weeks if I have a wonderful period of time where if a spell of dizziness hit I can just wait for it to pass and then go on. An episode will not adversely affect my employer because I am on vacation. What glorious freedom that is.