Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Grateful For Those Who Came Before

Photocopies of a page from Jesse J. Barkers book

   It has only been since the advent of the electronic age that family genealogical research has become,in some cases, as easy as Googling a name and copying the information . Previous work into a families genealogy meant years of meticulous reading of old family Bibles, parish marriage, birth and death record, and years of reading court and property records.

   In the Barker family there are four books that were written and published between 1877 and 1927 that are the basis for the many of  existing genealogies that are present on the internet today.

They are:

"Pedigree of the Family Barker of Salop England" by Reverend William Gibbs Barker
Stoneleigh England Privately published in 1877

"The Colonial Barker Family of the United States" by Jesse J. Barker of Philadelphia 1898

"Some Notes on the History of the Bogart Family in Canada" compiled by Marshall C. Bogart  Published by William Briggs of Canada in 1918

"Barker Genealogy" by Elizabeth Frye Barker Published by the Frye Publishing Company, New York, New York 1927

   Today we can find most of the information we need on the internet to fill in the many generations of our ancestors. We no longer have to spend hours, days, months and years accumulating minute bits of information hidden away in basement, attics and historical records.

   So we owe a debt of gratitude to those who went before us. We need to note and correct any mistakes that we may find, be diligent in our citing of sources and meticulous in our work for our descendants will use our work as the basis of their own.

Most importantly we should be grateful to those who came before us for their hours of diligent work on our behalf.